The Tenets of The Morning Star Faith

Thy Four Truths


ONE : The Truth is forever one, naked, nameless, homeless, harmless

THY : The Truth is thy own self

LOVE : Life = Light = Consciousness = Love

OCEANIC BEING: Everything + Everyone + Everywhere = God/Goddess United

Thy Four Planetary Missions


OPEN EARTH: The opening of lands as sanctuaries for the One, naked, nameless, homeless, harmless. Land purification by replenishment of the soil, invisible land use and Voluntary Primitivism. Welcoming the divine nature in our children.

OPEN AIR: The opening of all communications channels. Open airing of feelings, open airways, airwaves. Air purification by planting trees and gardens. No more air pollution! The wind of the spirit speaks in the treetops. Listen!

OPEN FIRE: The opening of all energies to all. Fire purification of the spirit in worship. The opening of our bodies and hearts to the sun.

OPEN WATER: Open seas, oceans, rivers, streams, hot springs. We are water brothers & sisters with all life. Open emotions. The purification of water. Stop pollution.

Thy Four Prayers


EARTH: Oh Earth, be fruitful
Thou art our own mother's breast.
I share you with all life.

AIR: Oh Air, scented with early mists,
Thou art our mother's breath.
Oh wind in the trees,
Only Thou, only Thou.

FIRE: Oh Light, high fire of our being,
Oh Sun, Father-Mother united,
Out of Thy brilliance we flew to a half-lit planet
To find Thy Light buried in the dust-dance of matter.

WATER: Oh Water, sparkling from the spring,
Thou art our life-current.
Our brooks race into Thy rivers,
Our efforts merely dam Thy flow.
Ocean, Ocean, womb of life.

Thy Four Yogas


EARTH YOGA: Thy Love Feast share the Sabbath

The Eternal Mouthful: hold one mouthful of food 
for 100 relaxed breaths. Then chew only with the 
front teeth.

Shitting: find a patch of garden or forest, ground that
needs enrichening. Open the earth, squat, breathe 
deeply, let it happen. Don't push. Feel the Earth 
accept your offering.

Invisible Land Use: Live on the land in such a way as
harmonize into invisibility.

AIR YOGA: Deep breathing exercises, snoring with a saggy jaw, 
relaxed throat breathing.

FIRE YOGA: Sun, fire, candle gazing. 
Sex: Start sex without moving for a half-hour. As 
you breathe in, I breathe out.

WATER YOGA: Swimming, bathing, running in the rain naked, 
steam baths, hot springs. Thumbsucking for that 
oceanic feeling. Can you pee a Morning Star?

Morning Star Faith is hurt by:

1. Hurting for the sake of hurting.

2. Exploitation of others or the elements.

3. Un-invisible (plush) living.

4. Conditioning anything or anyone to your beliefs.

5. Rigid planning ahead.

6. Self-poisoning eating poisoned food, breathing 

poisoned air, using poisoned energies, drinking 

poisoned water.

The Seven Divine Laws, or An Analysis of The Morning Star Symbol

1. Relax - decondition to your true God-nature

2. Love - belong - express it openly.

3. Enjoy - play - befriend silence

4. Create - fulfill - maintain

5. Witness - let your light shine

6. Worship - observe the sabbath. Spend at least one 
day a week as you would if you were in heaven.

7. Harmonize - get along with music and song.

Message from the Brothers & Sisters

In Reality, everything is real. All names are what they are: friend, brother, sister, lover, mother, teacher, wisdom, sacred unfolding of deeper and deeper moments.

Honesty is what's really there when you totally relax. All conditioning of God's nature is an armoring of the self away from the Divine presence.

Man is born divine, but is forced by society to trade his birthright for an inherited mess of conditioned attitudes and imprints that create a 'dis-eased' life style.

Voluntary Primitivism is the reunion of man with his greater self God's nature, the living in harmony with the four elements. It is the practice of living according to divine law.


"I know for certain that we are all together just ONE. And the most perfect expression of this Unity is unattached LOVE for all and everything, without distinction."

O.B. Ray, beggar-monk 1927-1990
"Arise, oh respendent being, thou who art forever pure, thou who knowest neither birth nor death; arise, all-beautiful, and manifest thy nature."
Mother Mira, Sri Aurobindo's co-worker
History of the Morning Star Faith

Once upon a time a piece of land was dedicated to the Mother Nature of all planetary beings. She awakened and gathered her children to herself. As the children came together, they also realized that they could not forbid anyone access to her healing nurturance and love. As more and more arrived and became one with her, the powers of inertia and of those who preferred to suffer more before awakening gathered to stop the pouring down of the light. But the more they tried to scatter the beams, the further the beams travelled, penetrating deeper and deeper into matter until the light from above and the light buried in the lattices of the atoms merged and...

The Great Mother Peace Dove, Mama Alpha, descended, at first just wherever hearts entrained to the beating of her wings.
Then All-of-us awakened, the great conscient lifeform that is everyone, everywhere, at all times.
-- G A I A --
The rest of the story is really quite funny, if you can hear the laughter.
"Listen for G and A 3 octaves above middle C," -- Ramon suggests

Does that make sense to you?
  How To Make A Morning Star With Sticks, Leaves, Stones, etc.

    A few songs:

Sing to the tune "The Sheik of Araby:"

A piece of peace, apiece,
A piece of peace, apiece.
A piece of peace, apiece,
A piece of peace a peeeeeece


                                      Welcome Song

rhythm   3 &      1      2      3     &     1      2     3
notes:    E   E     D     C      E     E      D    C   (rest)
            Naked, Nameless, Homeless, Harmless,

rhythm &     1   &      2    &    3    1               2
notes:   E     E   G      E     D   D   E            (rest)
          We welcome thee, oh brother (sister)

rhythm   3 &      1      2     3     &     1      2     3
notes:    E   E     D     C     E     E      D    C   (rest)
            Naked Nameless, Homeless, Harmless,

rhythm &     1   &       2      3  &   1  &    2         3
notes:   E     E    G      E     D   D   D E            (rest)
           We  welcome thee to thy home.

rhythm 1         2       3 &    1      2  &    3    &    1   &       2
notes:   A        G       E A    G     E  E    E   E     D   E    (rest)
           Come, share in the love, of our common mother

rhythm   3         &    1       2    3    &       1      2
notes:      E        E    D      C    D    E       C
              From her womb are all things born.   REPEAT:

                        Only Thou (sing over D minor chord)

rhythm  4   &  1       2    3  &    4 &  1 2   3
notes:    a    c   d       c    a   a    a   a  a     rest
            Only Thou, Oh River of Delight,

rhythm 4  &   1       2           3    &    4   &     1 2   3
notes:   A  C   d       c           g    g     g    g      g      rest
           Only Thou, through endless day and night,

rhythm       4  &  1          2  3 &   4   & 1 & 2    3
note names: f   g   a         D  D f    g   a   a g g    rest
                 Only Thou, Assuager of all sorrow,

rhythm       4  &   1       2    3  &   4   & 1 & 2    3
note names: f   g    a      D    D  f    g   a  a g  g    rest
                 Only Thou, Oh Giver of Tomorrow, REPEAT:

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