A Place To Remember Departed Brothers and Sisters

A place to link to a photo, a page of memories or a downloadable .pdf of a memorial program, or whatever.
Maybe I'll start with a poem I wrote in memory of a Tolstoy Farm sister, Andee Carlsson,
who left suddenly on January 13, 2008, from the little fishing village in Mexico where she had retired.
Tolstoy was an open-gate commune even before Morningstar, sort of an older sister outside Spokane, WA.
Why do I begin with a non-Morningstar-Wheelerite? I don't know, except that in
many ways Andee personified The Mother Force that was so strong on both of our communes.
She had this amazing way with kids. She'd grab all that she could find and sit them down with
colored pens and paper, or take them on an adventure, or tell them a tall tale.
Every child's favorite adult, as far as I could tell! To visit Andee's blog go here.

"We are all born as light out of love,
And the more we relax,
The more it shines through us.
Finally we dissolve back into the light,
That same endless love that gave birth to us."

Moses Moon
O.B. Ray
Lou Gottlieb
Bishop Saltzman
Coyote Otto