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A Sonoma County musical play celebrating the story of Morningstar Ranch's incarnation as a spiritual hippie shrine and open-door commune. It enjoyed a sold-out run in May, 2008, and is looking for another venue.

"Beautifully designed 300-page coffee-table sized full color overview of alternate architecture and lifestyles that includes many photos and a historical overview of the Morningstar/Wheeler's ranches' history: Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties (Hardcover) by Alastair Gordon (Rizzoli publishers) Best price here $40.95

Here's Phil Morningstar wonderful collage of Things Morningstarian. Enjoy!

Here's a link to Sarah Lewison's production in 2007 of a
dramatization of Lou Gottlieb's appeal of the Sonoma County's denial of God's ability to take title to Morningstar
Stephen Fowler does a great job of reproducing Lou's tones and phrasings. Ex-San Francisco Supervisor
Matt Gonzalez plays Lou's attorney Mr. Solomon.

Morningstar-Wheeler's graduate Coyote (Paul Otto) got posted off-planet in November, 2007. His obituary from
the Press Democrat (Santa Rosa) is here, along with various other memories.
If you want to add yours,
email them to me at

The Legendary Jim Parks offers some of his nostalgic memories of The Ridge here.
Check it out. The guy's a magician with words!

Manifesto Two from Wheeler's Ahimsa uploaded 8-3-07

Speaking of planetary departures, it seems that it's time to create a "Departed Brothers and Sisters" page.
Please inform me of dear folks we should remember there, and I'll be collecting
those I personally know about. Thanks from yet another 'still-young but aging hippie!'

For a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation five-minute clip of Morningstar Ranch in 1967,
including some good words from Lou, Click HERE

Some people have asked where the name of this website comes from. "Badaba" was the
mantra of a group of mythical characters that formed at Wheeler's, The Mighty Avengers,
who took the names of the comic book heroes. "Badaba" was the way that they mimicked
the call of the acorn woodpeckers living on the Ridge.

As for the 'mama,' inasmuch as we discovered belatedly in the 1970s that Morningstar
had been dedicated and named for the Divine Goddess (in her form as the Virgin Mary)
by the previous owner, the poet John Beecher (a member of the Third Order of Saint
Dominic) -- and 'the Mother Force' definitely was present on the land -- 'mama' seemed
appropriate. in fact Lou and others actually had visions of Her presence!
So Badaba-mama to you too!
More about the acorn woodpecker and their call here.


"Arise, oh Resplendent Being, Thou who art forever Love Immaculate,
Arise, all-beautiful, and manifest Thy nature!" 

        Mother Meera Alfassa quote from 'a certain sage' (slightly paraphrased)


"I look forward to the time when Christs will be born like clusters of grapes." 
Swami Vivekananda, founder, The Ramakrishna Math / Vedanta Society

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