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The End Daze

On the day of May 20, 1973 , the whole thing came to a trumatic end that began with the earth shaking roar of bulldozers and the snapping cracking and grinding sound of homes and objects being smashed to the ground. The long day of violent destruction not only destroyed houses, beloved homes , but also ripped and tore and gouged the Earth and mangled the landscape.
To save the land from more mechanical rape and much added expense, when the destruction crew left for the day the people burned the remaining houses to the ground. They did it with much Sorrow ~ and they did it with much Love. And as the flames crackled the people's thoughts and prayers arose and blended with the smoke and descended to the heavens, and they knew in their hearts, that the spirit of open land would never die.
The Earth is our Home.
The Land is our Heritage.
Freedom is Forever.

Sandi Stein:
"For those of you who haven't been up on the ridge of recent. The land has dressed itself anew with tall trees and wanten scotchbroom that has had its way with many an open place. There are many maypoles and a beautiful sweat lodge. And if you go on a sunny day you can still find David Hatch meditating atop the hill overlooking the meadow. How lucky we are/were/will be to have had and made such amazing adventures for ourselves."

Remnants of a Home
Playtime's Over
On the Road Again


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