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The Kids

Kids were in their element at Wheeler's. They would play in laughing, shrieking groups ~ never to doubt their survival or comfort, for to them life was a gas, and it was "all good."
Little ones often went 'au natural', and a main mode of transportation was by back pack for the bigger toddlers and front packs for the infants.
Some were born there, which was always a time for rejoicing on the ranch .
The miracle of life was always a cause for wonder and awe, and word spread quickly and excitedly when a new baby arrived.

Jud and Rainbow
Ramon and Sol
Doris and Kyle
O.B. and Grandson
Carolyn and Kristen
Aeden and Willow
Playing on Hoffy's Hill
Raz at One
In a Tree house
Elaine and Arrow
Dog and Kristen

Andre and Rebecca
Covelo Vishnu
Karin and Pilvi
Owl and Char ~*
Andre and Today
Kathy and Baby
Tub Bath
Horse n' Boy
Sunflower Girl
Rena and Vishnu
Two Kids
Goat Child
Don and Rainbow

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