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The Music

Music was always in the air on Wheeler's - and a stroll around the land was sure to bring the stroller within earshot of a "jam".
Also, people were known to break into song at any given moment. It was a good place too, to whistle.
Many times someone would grab a guitar or other type of musical object and begin to play. In no time at all, a rhythm section would appear, tapped banged or thudded on anything handy. Inverted pots and pans always worked well, an upturned oatmeal box was excellent. And harmonicas were in the pockets of many.
There were also some well known musicians on and about the land. Lou Gottlieb, from Morningstar had previously played with the popular group The Limeliters. Alicia Bay Laurel was there too with her wonderful voice and guitar, and Ramon Sender's accordian was a familiar and welcome sound. Snakepit Eddie with or without his band was also a great musical treat.
The music on the land was stilled when the people left , but the beat of the freedom of open land never dies, it just goes on and on........... and if you listen real quiet........even now......... you can still hear the rhythm of the drums.

Here are some of the lyrics from Josh (Cliff Langlois' song "The Wheels of Change", which we sang just about every Sunday at the feasts.

(Verse 1)
The thing about people is we live and we learn
The stove pipe's rusty but the wood still burns
Everybody's born and everybody dies
But some people never seem to realize
You can never stop
You can't stop the wheels of change
You can never stop
You can't stop the wheels of change
(Verse 2)
Tell the news with the rising sun
The war is over and nobody won
How could anybody ever lose?
We're all on the same side paying our dues
Verses 3 and 4--(no chorus in between)
We've all been here many times
We'll all be back again
And every one of us will wear
A different body then
You can breathe a different air
Or do a different deed

But the knowledge that change is All
Is all you really need.

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