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The Land

The land was located on a ridge covered in pine and oak, that descended on three sides into canyons. It had one passable access road, which was later closed by a Sonoma County judge to all but Bill Wheeler, causing people to have to walk down, up and out to the roadway on the neighboring ridge. It was quite the hike . Woodsy aerobics.
Hitchhiking was a popular and necessary form of transportation at the time. The walk in via the access road from a drop-off on the main road, consisted of a 1-1/2 mile walk to the front gate. This was usually walked laden down with packs or groceries, with sometimes a stop in the shade for rest and refreshments.
There was running water at the garden in the center of the land, and people would haul their water from there, usually in gallon jugs, or from a tiny spring on the East Canyon side where you could sit and contemplate nature for the 10 minutes it took to fill a gallon jug. Being that the land was located about four miles from the ocean, it was often visited by fog and morning mist. The weather, as climate goes, was mild, though the roughshod buildings always intensified the impact of any season.
It was a good place to be.

Walking in to Wheeler's
View South
Center of Land
The Front Gate
Meher Baba on Hoffie's Hill

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