September 28, 2012

Added an Addendum to the Manifesto Two here

Also Manfesto Two and the Addendum are now downloadable to your desktop.

Morningstar and Wheeler folks: This page is a link to Morningstar and Wheeler Folk with websites. If you are not listed or listed incorrectly please let me know and Tomas will fix it. Email for a link update is:
(definitely worth a visit and contributing to!)

Morningstar Newsletter Home Page and History
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Flower Children of the Sixties This page links you to other web pages about Morningstar and related websites.

Laurel and Tomas' website

"A Tribute to Open Land and Mother Earth" by Char~*

Who owned Morningstar before Lou bought it? A look at John Beecher's life, grandson of Harriet Beecher Stowe ('Uncle Tom's Cabin')

Pam Hanna - History of Morningstar East (New Mexico) and other essays:
Infinite Points of Time: Morningstar Chronicles by Pam Hanna
Open Land Movement and Pam's Chronicle

The Next Morningstar - New Mexico Installment

David Hatch's website

Moses Moon by David Hatch

Ramon's website
(always good spiritual quotes)