Open Land - Open Hearts

Communal Practice paper from "West of Eden" conference, 3-25-06

Manifesto Two - Wheeler's, 1972

The Morningstar Scrapbook
- A scanned and reconstructed version of the original (completed with the generous help of Tom Diaz, Char~* Salisbury, John Shiflet on 11-11-05)

"Ye Goode Olde Daze"
300-plus photos of the Ridgefolk and their habitat updated and re-installed 1/07
designed by Char~* Salisbury -- thanks, Char!

The Morningstar Faith All-of-us awakened, the great conscient lifeform made up of everyone, everywhere, at all times.

Homeless Village Proposal
- A proposal based on Lou's LATWIDN philosophy that Ramon submits every few years to San Francisco's mayor and supervisors.


Home Free Home


A History of Two Open-Door California Communes:

Morning Star Ranch and Wheeler's (Ahimsa) Ranch


Ramon Sender Barayon
Gwen Leeds
Near Morningstar
Bill Wheeler
... and many others