The Morningstar Scrapbook Index

p.1- Credits
p.2- Chronology
p.3- Prayer
p.4- Most Reverent Dawn Prayer
p.5- Welcome Song
p.6- Pilvi Birth
p.7- Church Creed
p.8- Aerial View
p.9- More Creed
p.10- Orchard & Flute
p.11- More Creed
p.12- The Morning Shit
p.13- More Creed
p.14- Orchard in August
p.15- More Creed... Founders Message
p.16- Lou Photo
p.17- Voluntary Primitivism
p.18- Ownership Sin
p.19- 'A Limeliter's New Thing' by Ralph J. Gleason
p.20- Back Cover Scene
p.21- Ramon's quote from Sri Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri
p.22- Hey Waddayadoin?' by Sally French and 1966 photo of Bruce, Justin, Lou, John, Mama Dog, Marjorie, Ramon, Katy Dog and Victoria
p.23- Morning Star Leader's Philosophy: Live, Be Happy
p.24- Bull's Eye, Penny, Near-Vana, Terry, Jimmy, Vivian, Laird
p.25- A Fast Run-Through Part 1
p.26- The Happiness People - II - Graton Ranch Hippie Retreat
p.27- Nevada, Upper House, Tom, Meadowboat, Siddartha
p.28- A Fast Run-Through Part 2
p.29- Time Mag, July, 1967
p.30- This is Ramon - Press Democrat
p.31-Hippies Stage Orderly Dance in Sebastopol; Anti-Hippie Laws Wrong; Gottlieb's Plea
p.32- John-John and Terry; Cindy; Laird; Crazy Annie
p.33- Gottlieb Trial Postponed; Case Against Hippie Patron Adjourned; Charges on Gottlieb Dropped; Gun Arrest at Gottlieb's Hippie Camp; County 'War on Hippies' Questioned; Occidental Citizens Meeting Scheduled by Ed Hochli
p.34- Doris Clark, Joe Conti, David and Penny's Treehouse, Vivian, Kathy, Nevada
p.35- Fire Hazard Complaint Heard by Supervisors
p.36- Near-Vana, Don King, Front Gate, The Well
p.37- Gottlieb Doesn't Fight Outhouse Charge; Hippie Colony Protest Meeting Saturday
p.38- Near, Pam, Adam-Sid, Larry, Molly Brown, Kathy
p.39- Gottlieb Faces Contempt Charges; A Costly Ruling for Gottlieb's Hippie Ranch; Mysterious Gunfire at Hippie Camp
p.40- A Fast Run-through - Part 3
p.41- Gypsy, Sandy and Don, Deputy Dog
p.42- County Double Cross Charge by Gottlieb: There Is No Denial
p.43- Upper House, John Butler, John-John, Nevada
p.44- Telephone Booth
p.45- New Injunction Aimed At Gottlieb Ranch: District Attorney Denies Deal Made
p.46- A Strange 'Raid' That's Beyond Recall
p.47- photos - Meadowboat, Chuck Herrick laying foundation for bathhouse; A 'Raid' by Officialdom
p.48- D.A. Will Try to Close Gottlieb's Hippie Ranch; A Groovy Life - But The Heat's On; Singout Youth Win Her Praise; County Officals: A Laughing Stock; Filth Not Just At Morning Star
p.49- Wild Bill, Chief, Bath house, Barn
p.50- Dejected Gottlieb Gets Order to Close
p.51- Pat, Betty, Cindy, Others
p.52- No Harmony At Harmony: Straights vs Hippies
p.53- Nevada, John Butler, Neighbor Edward Hochuli, John-John
p.54- Morning Star Hippies Set for Court Hearing; 'Challenge to Hippies' Answered by RP Woman
p.55- photos - John Butler; Sept 1967 Love-In
p.56- The Other Side of the Hippie Story by Rick Seymor
p.57- photos - Lou, Diane: Shel Siverstein & Lou
p.58- Judge tells Gottlieb: Close by Wednesday; photo of Doris
p.59- Lou "What Me Worry?"
p.60- Hippies Granted 5 Days to Counter Injunction
p.61- Photos Near-vana; Don King; Sept 1967 Love-In
p.62- Rain Chills The Spirit at Morning Star Ranch; Hippie Backer Told to Move; Gottlieb Helpers Are Criticized; Graton Resident Raps Hippie Aid
p.63- Photos Bobby, Ted & Sarada, Lou's Front Porch in Action, Lou at piano
p.64- Hippies Wait But The Law Doesn't Arrive; Morning Star Friends Answer Some Questions; 4-Day Cleanup Order: Judge 'Busts' Gottlieb Ranch 10/4/67
p.65- Photos Organized Camp? "There is nothing to fear!"
p.66- Gottlieb Defends His Colony; DA Will Summon Gottlieb To Court/
p.67- Photos - Officials are welcomed; Superman, John Butler et al around the well
p.68- Morning Star Field Trip Charge Challenged by Soso; First Drug Bust; Showdown at Ranch; 15 Arrested 10/4/67
p.69- Photos by County: "Illegal" structures
p.70- Hippies Held for Trespass 10/8/67
p.71- Photo courtesy of Sonoma County Sheriff's Department - MDA Thanksgiving 'Graduating Class' 11/67
p.72- Lou Signs Complaints; Friends of Mornng Star Group Being Organized; Organized Camp Complaint Dropped Against Morning Star's Gottlieb 10/8/67
p.73- Photos - Upper House Gents; Ted; Hobbity Hut
p.74- Gottlieb's Vision of a New Society 10/67
p.75- Photo David 'n Penny's Treehouse
p.76- Gottlieb's vision (cont) New Court Order
p.77- Photo Upper House -- Dance for Nataraja Guru
p.78- Judge Delays Case Against 15 Hippies; - Case Dismissed For 15 Hippies; Friends Take Trash From Morning Star; Who's Sicker? Hippies, System?
p.79- Photos - Krishna, Ted, Lou, Jim 'n Ann
p.80- In Memory of Morning Star
p.81- Photos Electric Box, Phil massaging Lou
p.82- County Inspectosr To View Morning Star; Hippies Back at Ranch; Gottlieb May Face Contempt Charge 10/22/67
p.83- Photos "Absolutely Nothing to fear!" - Franzie and Renee
p.84- Gottlieb To APpear In Court On Friday; Gottlieb Given Fine of $2500; Gottlieb Given Continuance
p.85- Photos - rustic bedroom; David, Scott, Lou
p.86- Gottlieb Says He Would Rather Be Jailed 1/10/68;: Gottlieb Must Pay Huge Fine; ON The Subject Of Justice
p.87- Photos Church Herrick works on Bathhouse, John-John 'n Terri, etc.
p.88- Hippies Told To Leave Or...; Hippies Arrested At Ranch 1/11/68; Gottlieb Getting Equal Treatment?
p.89- Photos Before/After; Fluid Floyd; Herbie; Upper House
p.90- Jury Trial Set for 20 Hippies; Gottlieb Invites Judge To Lunch -- But, Thank You, No; County's Image In Gottlieb Case
p.91- Photos - Jason Finishing Touches on Bathhouse, Buck, Superman
p.92- Hippies Responsiblity Placed On Sheriff; One Hippie Puts Up Fight at Trial 1/24/68
p.93- Photos - Don Stanley, Jud and Joan; Bob Cugini and Nevada; Coyote and Tex
p.94- Final Arguments In Hippie Trial: 11 Hippies Are Found Guilty, 8 Freed 1/25/68
p.95- Photos Old Ray Morningstar; Zen Jack at Covelo David's chapel; Ramon, Near-vana at Olompali
p.96- Gottlieb Maneuver Rejected; Gottlieb Case Course 'Regretted'; "Lawyer' Gottlieb Takes On County; Optimist To Hear Dr. Lou Gottlieb
p.97- Photos - orchard yoga; Doug; Noel, Oleg; Tennessee Jerry; Tex & Anna
p.98- Woman Hippie Fights Deputies; Morning Star Hippie population Up Again; Three More At Morning Star Ranch; Empire Kiwanis To Hear Gottlieb; 2/23/68
p.99- Photo Don King
p.100- Morning Star Wedding Colorful And Quaint; Another Gottlieb Fine; MOrning Star Arrest Questioned
p.101- Photos Orchard Group; Son & Sandy and Rainbow King
p.102- Another $1,000 Fine for Gottlieb; Lawyer' Gottlieb Takes On County; 3/30/68
p.103- Photos Sandy 'n Tuck, Approach to Altar, Willie B. on Shanti
p.104- Gottlieb Maneuver Rejected; Another Fine On Gottlieb's Hippie Haven; $130,000 Suit Against Dr. Gottlieb; Morning Star 'Crowded' Again; Stolen Truck Found At Morning Star
p.105- Photos Ex-Barn Courtesy of County, Flash and Tipi Dan
p.106- Gottlieb Must Pay Another $2,000 Fine; Contempt Charges Dismissed; An Old Timer Praises Hippies; Hochuli Brings New Complaints
p.107- Photos Ramon, Victoria, Lou; Pat 'n Pam; Paula& Kokham; Damian; Lou at piano; Susannah
p.108- Permanent Injunction Against Morning Star
p.109- Photos Jason; Dale & Suzanne's; Krishna(?)
p.110- Another $2500 Gottlieb Fine; Morning Star Visitors Fight; Gottlieb on TV; Four Picked Up; Morning Star Mentor Fined $5,500 More; 'Hippie' Now An Occupation; Trailer Fire At Morning Star
p.111- Photos - Lou At Unitarian Church; Lou & Bill Wheeler
p.111a- Photo Enlargement of Lou At Unitarian Church photo
p.112- Gottlieb Calls Halt to Deputy's Bed Checks; Mysterious Mishap at Morning Star; Gottlieb Asks Court for Elasticity in Law; Someone Stole Two Wheels from Gottlieb; Gottlien Ordered to Court
p.113- Photos Karma, Treehouse Steve, Bliss; Pam with Psyche Joy Ananda
p.114- Gottlieb To Offer Ranch To County; Hippie Convicted; Gottlieb's 'Shocking' Offer; 8 More Arrests At Morning Star; 4 More Arrests
p.115- Photo of Old Ray Morningstar
p.116- Rath Attacks Gottlieb's Offer; Lou Gottlieb's Plan To Cut County Taxes
p.117- Photos Steve's Treehouse; Bliss & Steve; Divine Mother & Vishnu
p.118- Supervisors Cool To Gottlieb's Offer, Morning Star Resident Robbed; Dr. Gottlieb: Bane of Existence - Ownership of Land
p.119 - Photos Divine Mother, Vishnu; Choctaw and Kickapoo Bob's dog; Spare time Activities - Lou's Front Porch
p.120- Bullets Fly Around Demo Candidate; Demo Candidate Hears Bullets At Morning Star; Six Persons Arrested at Morning Star; In Reply To Lou Gottlieb
p.121- Photos Diony; Sylvia & Friar Tuck; Group at the Well - Nevada, Vishnu, Lou; Santiago & Viking; Vishnu; Sylvia and Don McCoy
p.122- Editorial - Morning Star; Judge Won't Cut Bail For Morning Star Youths; Eight More Arrests; Letter to Editor
p.123- Photos Cops & Health Inspector at Don and Sylvia's home; A-frame with residents
p.124- Gottlieb Sentenced To Jail; Five Nabbed Next Door To Morning Star; Gottlieb Enters BPU Discussions
p.125- Photo Morning Star's Sacred Weapon (Divine Mother) confronts two deputies (Bad cop and Good cop)
p.126- Morningstar A Menace; Commune in New Trouble
p.127- Photos Carol Morningstar & Katherine - Guso; Choctaw Ed; Joan-Bliss; Treehouse Steve)
p.128- Man Hurt During Visit to Morning Star; Gottlieb Believd in India; Eight from Morning Star Arrested
p.129- Photos - Various by Choctaw (Jennifer, David 'n Penny's treehouse, Barn)
p.130- Photo - Maestro Lou at the Boesendorfer piano
p.131- John Butler: Ex-Morning Star Hippie Murderd; Slaying Suspect Seen in SR
p.132- Drawing of Katha Upanishad quote in John Butler's memory
p.133- Photos Chiranjiva; Lou & Divine Mother & Deputy Dog II
p.134- Photos by Choctaw - Divine Mother, Sol Ray, Lou; Ruth; Susie; Pam; Sam
p.135- Lou Gottlieb Deeds Morning Star Ranch to a New Owner - to God; Gottlieb Ranch Changes Hands
p.136- Photo Father Chiranjiva
p.137- GOD - He Is Sued for Morning Star; Morning Star 'Owner' Sued; Man, 23, Arrested at Morning Star
p.138- Photo Divine Mother in upside-down Lotus, with Vishna nursing
p.139- Now Everybody Wants To Get Into The Act; Judge Veers On Morning Star Rule; Warrant Out for Gottlieb; Gottlieb Offers Judge A Piano
p.140- Photos by Choctaw - Lou, Suzanne; Damien, Don King and Lou; Froggie; Ross; Lou's studio recycled by Choctaw
p.141- Gottlieb Finds Comfort In The Constitution; Gottlieb Offers His Piano To Settle Fines photo of Lou, Vishna, Sylvia
p.142- Photos - Viking; Ramon, Lou, Victoria, Near; Sol Ray; Victoria and Vishnu, Dale and Suzanne
p.143- A New Chapter in Offing For Morning Star Ranch
p.144- Photos by Choctaw - Doris/Jude, Kyle, Vishnu, Near; Don McCoy, Nevada; Jiba & Pam; Little Mike; Bob, Henry, Tommoy Terrific
p.145- Solomon Offers To Be God's Lawyer; Score One On Side of Morning Star; Gottlieb's Tough Task
p.146- Photos by Choctaw - Tony the Tiger, Lou et al; Cherokee; Viking & Vishnu
p.147- Gottlieb Counter-Attacks On Deeding Ranch to God; Gottlieb Continues to Argue for God
p.148- Photos by Choctaw - Group with Nevfada, Honey & Bob, Occidental downtown
p.149- Gottlieb Thunders Against The Judge; Doze, Task Force Invade Morning Star
p.150- Photos by Sylvia - Bulldozers attack; Lou and Don McCoy with County Crew
p.151- A Pious Proposal Over Morningstar; Judge's Ruling: God Can't Own MOrning Star; A Matter Between God and Gottlieb
p.152- Gottlieb Plans Appeal; Judge Denies God Title To Ranch; Lou Gottlieb's Wife Sues For Divorce; photo Krishna; Photo Rainbow
p.153- Open Land Manfesto I; photo front gate confrontation
p.154- Open Land Manfesto I;Repression; In Memory of John Butler
p.155- Open Land Manfesto I; Wheeler's Sheep Ridge; Recent Developments, What Next?
p.156- Open Land Manfesto I; photos of homes; Tex & Helene - photo by Choctaw
p.157- Open Land Manfesto I;Our Beleaguered Homes; New Life; Bryce & Charlotte at home - photo by Bob Fitch
p.158- Open Land Manfesto I; photos - Paul & O.B. Ray; First Thanksgiving at Wheeler's; Bill Wheeler and Zen Jack at milking
p.159- Open Land Manfesto I; Voluntary Primitivism; photo Katy the Dog, Miguel; Lou with Vishnu and Sol Ray
p.160- Open Land Manfesto I; And even more recently; What can you do?; Group photo on MDA Thanksgiving by the Sheriff's Department
p.161- Gottlieb And County At It Again at Morning Star; Argues This Land Is God's; photo Don King
p.162- Photos by Choctaw - Suzanne, Krishna, Dale; Choctaw's tipi, etc
p.163- Bulldozers Aimed At Morning Star; Deputies Move On Morningstar; photos - Peggy; David AbrahamPhotos
p.164- Photos by Choctaw - Suzanne, Choctaw Ed, Angel, kitten in tipi, Dirty Dan
p.165- Lou Gottlieb Thunders as County Again Plows Over 'God's Land'
p.166- Photos by Sylvia - Pam & Joba's Ex-A-Frame; County Crew Dismantles Don & Sande King's Home/a>
p.167- Gottlieb Asks Court Hearing; Morning Star Trio Face Trial Sept. 15; Morningstar Ranch Visitors Warned; Building Stop Sought At Ranch; Gottlieb Denied Hearing on Ranch Deed Ruling
p.168- Photos by Choctaw - Viking & Jennifer; Fiddler Paul; Divine Mother's Quilt; Lou watching TV
p.169- Lou Gottlieb To Speak Sunday At Cal State College, Sonoma; Gottlieb's Day In Court: God Loses; Drawing of Morningstar Well by Dick Boak
p.170- Photos by Choctaw - Garbage Mike and his mom; Bulldozer tracks; Angel
p.171- Visit to Morningstar: This Redwood Land Is Very Near to God; drawing by Dick Boak, Morningstar resident
p.172- Letter and drawings by Oming Charlie - Morningstar '67, Wheeler's '68 and Morningstar East graduate
p.173- Visit To Morning Star (cont); portrait of Lou by Dick Boak
p.174- Visit To Morning Star (cont);Photos - Morningstar dog; cherry eaters
p.175- Photo by Sylvia of the Ex-Upper House
p.176- Photos - Ramon wearing a tipi hat, Lou by Michael Kliks, drawing by Sally French Fry
p.177- The Return of the LImelighters by John Wasserman; Photo of Vishnu, Anonymous Divine Mother and Maestro Lou
p.178- Photos by Sylvia - Bulldozers attack; Lou and Don McCoy with County Crew
p.179-183 - Lou said "Print This!" - Appellant's Opening Brief
p.184-185- Appellate Court rejects Lou's appeal on God's behalf
p.185- Deed transferring Morning Star Ranch to God
p.186- Photo - "May All Roads Lead You Home"
p.187- Photo by Sylvia - Coyote - The Author - and hairy friend
p.188- Announcement of the formation of The Sacred Order of the Morning Star
p.189- Photo - In Memory of Morning Star East
p.190- Photo - back cover of Scrapbook