A printed copy of Home Free Home is being created, with hundreds of photos and many more stories!
Also The Western Sonoma County Historical Society is opening a three-month exhibit in late October of art and artifacts including a new printing of the two Manifestos from Wheeler Ranch that will be for sale there and on line.
If you wish to submit something for the exhibit, drop us a line, but VERY soon! Open Land exhibit

Proposal for Opening Rural Centers for the Homeless
Click here for a New Zealand Rainbow Family newsletter that includes a history and photos of Morning Star and Wheeler's by Gerald Davidson
Click here for a two-page handout of basic exercises to dissolve hollow feelings.
For the Most Current News CLICK HERE - updated 11-03-2015
May 30, 2013 - A recently written commmentary on the 1969 Morning Star Faith document that was an attempt to describe our tribe
to the county officials as a church view PDF here
A proposed re-design of the American Flag
CLICK HERE for an informational 2-page handout about needing a buyer-donor for Morning Star Ranch
"Plans To Sell Morningstar Stirs Memories, Prompt Dismay" in the February 13, 2011, Press Democrat

A composite photo from the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Gathering in Golden Gate Park (Sept. 2007). Click on these words to enter the website.